UPS Rooms, Hub Rooms & Control Rooms

UPS Rooms, Hub Rooms, Battery Rooms & Control Rooms

The various technological rooms such as Control Rooms, Hub Rooms, UPS Rooms & even Battery Rooms emit high sensible heat, operate 24X7 & contains high-static discharge devices that require static free cooling conditions:

To enable these Equipment to perform at their optimal performance, following conditions must be maintained:

1:   High Sensible Cooling (SHR > 0.9) to extract pure dry heat from the equipment.
2:   24×7 operation that supports continuous working of the equipment.
3:  High Airflow rates (> 500 CFM /TR) that can provide effective air circulation in the equipment room.
4:   Reliability with minimum failure rates / breakdowns to ensure 100% uptime.
5:   Work efficiently even in extreme external environments.

Above conditions cannot be maintained by a commercial/comfort split Air Conditioner.

We at AB3S Solutions have partnered with Vertiv Energy (Formerly Emerson Network Power) to provide Precision Air Conditioning Solutions for above technological rooms. The product typically used in above applications is called SRC (Small Room Cooling).

Liebert SRC units are specifically designed to cool small equipment rooms with features of..

1:   SHR > 0.9
2:   Designed for 24x7x365 operation
3:   EC evaporator fan delivering > 500 Cfm / TR
4:   Scroll/Rotary compressor
5:   Metallic body construction
6:   Advanced microprocessor controller
7:   Sequencing/Auto-standby restart

Placing SRC in smaller equipment rooms ensures a controlled and monitored conducive environment which improves the equipment operational performance drastically thereby increasing their duty life.