Healthcare Test Labs

Healthcare Test Labs with Medical Equipment.

Typically, Healthcare Test Labs consists of a MRI and its supporting infrastructure and medical equipment room. These loads generate a large amount of sensible heat and the load percentage fluctuate multiple times a day.


1: This infrastructure, surrounded by a control and equipment room, needs sensible cooling.

2: The special comfort system supports the application but does not provide facilities like humidifying or heating. If the facilities are provided externally, the entire system architecture becomes extremely complex.

3:  Need for a high-level filtration to ascertain a clean and healthy environment.

4:  Keep maintaining and modulating the sensible load without switching off the cooling unit.

5:  Strict and firm control of temperature and relative humidity along with a narrow tolerance band.

Pre requisite parameter: Precise control temperature & relative humidity tolerance (+/-1 deg. C & +/-5% RH) along with high level air filtration.

We at AB3S Solutions have partnered with Vertiv Energy (Formerly Emerson Network Power) to provide Precision Air Conditioning Solutions for above needs. The product typically used in above application is PDX or PCW machine.

1:  Sensible cooling is delivered by the up-flow unit of either Liebert PDX . Besides, PCW can be deployed If the required quantity of building chilled water is available.

2:  In a Liebert DX solution, the digital compressor supports a variable load profile. If the facility has a chiller, the same function, can also be supported by Liebert’s chilled water-based unit, courtesy the modulating valve and EC fan technology.

3: The Liebert solution supports more than 90% of the filtration level… whereas the comfort system hardly delivers 65% of the filtration level.



The Liebert® PDX direct expansion cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry technology, guaranteeing precise cooling of data centres and server rooms.

It comes complete with R410A refrigerant which allows the unit to reach significant levels of efficiency. The Liebert PDX range also includes new generation Liebert EC Fans 2.0, thus ensuring top energy efficiency. The complete unit design has furthermore been optimized with enhanced heat exchangers, delivering high levels of overall efficiency and cooling capacity. In addition, Liebert PDX also includes unique Digital Scroll technology, making it the ideal, scalable cooling system able to expand with evolving business needs. The Digital Scroll modulating capability greatly contributes to the efficiency levels reached by Liebert PDX with a 50 kW unit (inclusive of Digital Scroll) consuming as little as a 10 kW unit, thus delivering advantageous energy savings.

Liebert PDX range is available from 15KW to 120 KW of Cooling Capacity.


Liebert® PCW is the ideal unit for those data centers using chilled water as cooling fluid and that typically range from 200 kW up to 4-6 MW.

The overall solution encompasses the cooling unit as well as direct free cooling chillers and/or adiabatic free cooling chillers delivering top-tier system efficiency to ensure data center reliability and availability. Liebert PCW, coupled with our Liebert AFC adiabatic free cooling chillers, optimizes system control even further and guarantees ultimate system efficiency all year round as a result of its optimized floating water set point. All components and control strategies have been enhanced to provide an extremely efficient solution for both conventional computer rooms and for infrastructures facing the challenges of modern IT applications.

Liebert PCW range is available from 25KW to 220 KW of Cooling Capacity.