Food Packaging Industry

Food Packaging Industry

Generally, the Food Packaging areas are housed by automated mechanical machineries and limited manpower. This leads to an ambient environment that is entirely or largely filled by sensible load with extremely minimal presence of latent load.

Challenges and Constraints:

1:   Due to the lack of accurate knowledge (related to precision air cooling units), most of the manufactures use traditional comfort units; however, these units are incapable of supporting high sensible load.

2:  Deployment of comfort units leads to removal of a high amount of sensible load simultaneously injecting extra amount of latent heat which needs to be removed by deploying a standalone dehumidifier. It results in an unorganized and frail system architecture and escalates the TCO.

3:  Design implementation of a conventional comfort unit’s filter does not facilitate filtering of fine dust particles (these dust particles are injected in the environment) thereby leading to filter clogging.

4:  Continuous duty cycle is imperative for the success of the manufacturing process and therefore, uptime of power and cooling services are crucial factors in operations.

Pre requisite parameters: Tight control on temperature and humidity fluctuations (25 +/-1 deg C & 45%+/-5% RH) along with low air velocity, and high efficiency of filter.

We at AB3S Solutions have partnered with Vertiv Energy (Formerly Emerson Network Power) to provide Precision Air Conditioning Solutions for above needs. The product typically used in above Rooms is PDX machine.

1:  Liebert PDX supports high SHR (>0.9) application due to its unique coil design and built-in dehumidification logic. Therefore, it reduces the capex and opex cost of deploying a separate dehumidifier.

2:   Integrated high efficient filter and stage filtrations facilitates the solution for the filter clogging issue leading to smooth air circulation.

3:   Automated variable speed blower fan helps control the velocity of the air movement in addition to optimal air distribution design.

4:  It is easy to exercise control on temperature, Relative humidity, dust and debris by monitoring and managing using the integrated micro-controller. This makes the supervisory task easier compared to decentralized control mechanism of a traditional comfort system.

5:   The Liebert solution provides a perennial 24*7 continuous duty cycle.

Liebert PDX range is available from 15KW to 120 KW of Cooling Capacity.


The Liebert® PDX direct expansion cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry technology, guaranteeing precise cooling of data centres and server rooms.

It comes complete with R410A refrigerant which allows the unit to reach significant levels of efficiency. The Liebert PDX range also includes new generation Liebert EC Fans 2.0, thus ensuring top energy efficiency. The complete unit design has furthermore been optimized with enhanced heat exchangers, delivering high levels of overall efficiency and cooling capacity. In addition, Liebert PDX also includes unique Digital Scroll technology, making it the ideal, scalable cooling system able to expand with evolving business needs. The Digital Scroll modulating capability greatly contributes to the efficiency levels reached by Liebert PDX with a 50 kW unit (inclusive of Digital Scroll) consuming as little as a 10 kW unit, thus delivering advantageous energy savings.