Equipment Cooling Solutions

Equipment Cooling

Today’s worldwide communications networks are much more complex and constantly evolving cluster of interconnected systems. And with continually more mission-critical processes reliant on transmission accuracy and 100 percent uptime, the requirements for reliability and performance have never been greater. Precision air conditioning is one cornerstone of a well- designed support system for this network and for the Equipment build to support these networks.
Precision air conditioning units as the name suggests deploy much more precise controls over:

1: Temperature and Humidity variations as are required by the Critical Equipment.

2: They are designed to run continually i.e. 24 X 7 X 365 over a period of at least 10 years or even more.

3: They provide high CFM to the tune of around 550-600 CFM/Ton to cater to the high-density heat  emitted by such Equipment.

4: Equipment do not absorb or release moisture hence they do not require Latent Cooling. Precision Air Conditioners are designed to provide a SHR (Sensible Heat Ratio) of over 95% so that energy is not wasted and humidity levels are not dropped to unacceptable levels.

5: They provide filtration levels to cater to International standards required for mission-critical Equipment.

We at AB3S Solutions undertake complete turnkey projects, meaning, we do design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning as well as Servicing of the Projects installed by us. We provide Equipment cooling solutions for following applications:

1: Data Centres & Server Rooms. For more information on these, please CLICK HERE.

2: UPS Rooms, Hub Rooms, Battery Rooms, Control Rooms. For more information on these, please CLICK HERE.

3: VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Rooms. For more information on these, please CLICK HERE.