Data Centres & Server Rooms

Data Centres & Server Rooms

Data Centres & Server rooms house sensitive hardware that can be damaged easily if exposed to variation in temperatures & Humidity Levels. Servers must be fed a constant stream of cool air since they generate a substantial amount of heat which can damage their internal components.

The room will need to be designed to remove this heat before it builds up and creates hazardous conditions for the equipment. If not designed adequately, then business will be exposed to many risks, including equipment failure and even fire.

We at AB3S Solutions have partnered with Vertiv Energy (Formerly Emerson Network Power) to provide Precision Air Conditioning Solutions for above needs. The product that can be deployed in Data Centres & Server Rooms are typically as follows:

1:   For small Rooms – DATAMATE (DM) – Capacity Range from 7.5 KW to 15 KW.

2:   For Large Rooms – PDX machine – Capacity Range from 15 KW to 120 KW.


Liebert® DM™ delivers enterprise level thermal management to small Network rooms. It is designed for year-round temperature and humidity control for IT applications across the critical infrastructure.

Equipped with an air-filtration feature, the Liebert® DM™ is ideal for areas where people and IT equipment occupy the same space. It provides enough flexibility in the critical infrastructure as it occupies minimum floor space which suits small and medium-sized technological rooms. It also features communication capabilities to the critical infrastructure manager for easy monitoring of the temperature across the IT infrastructure.


The Liebert® PDX direct expansion cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry technology, guaranteeing precise cooling of data centres and server rooms.

It comes complete with R410A refrigerant which allows the unit to reach significant levels of efficiency. The Liebert PDX range also includes new generation Liebert EC Fans 2.0, thus ensuring top energy efficiency. The complete unit design has furthermore been optimized with enhanced heat exchangers, delivering high levels of overall efficiency and cooling capacity. In addition, Liebert PDX also includes unique Digital Scroll technology, making it the ideal, scalable cooling system able to expand with evolving business needs. The Digital Scroll modulating capability greatly contributes to the efficiency levels reached by Liebert PDX with a 50 kW unit (inclusive of Digital Scroll) consuming as little as a 10 kW unit, thus delivering advantageous energy savings.