Comfort Cooling Solutions

Comfort Cooling

Comfort Cooling as the name suggests is designed to provide comfort to Human Beings. Comfort cooling is based on psychrometric process for changing the behaviour of air to make the environment more comfortable. Human body requires a temperature of 24 Dec C and a humidity level of around 55% to be able to work with maximum productivity. A comfort air conditioning design will typically consist of:

1:  Calculating a precise heat load for the building so that desired temperature & humidity levels are maintained.

2:  Air is distributed evenly to all the parts of the room in the building.

3:  Proper Fresh Air Ventilation is done based on the application as defined in the ASHRAE/ISHRAE standards.

4:  Appropriate Air Purification methods are deployed to maintain contamination levels within the prescribed limits.

We at AB3S Solutions undertake complete turnkey projects meaning We do Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning as well as Servicing of the Projects installed by us. We provide two types of Centralized Air conditioning solutions namely:

A) VRV/VRF: Variable Refrigerant Volume/Variable Refrigerant Flow are the systems that have gained tremendous popularity over the last two decades because of their modular design and ease of operation. For more information Click HERE.

B) Chillers: Chilled Water Systems are the universal ever-green Centralised Air Conditioning Systems. For Large Areas such as Malls, Airports, Big Lounges, Chiller systems are the most efficient solutions today also. For more information Click HERE.