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Residential AC

Star Rated Split AC's

Split AC is appropriately called so because it is split up into two components: the compressor and condenser are part of an external unit while the evaporative coil is part of the indoor unit. Split AC offers very quiet operation as the noise-producing components are outside the area being cooled and they are aesthetically more pleasing To conserve energy, BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has started a system of Star Ratings. Essentially, more the stars more is the energy saved. However, initial cost is higher with the increasing no. of stars.

Star Rated Residential Split AC
Star Rated AC

Inverter Based Split AC's

Inverter based split AC is not to be confused with Inverters that we use for power backup. It is essentially an AC that works on Inverter based /variable speed compressor. Due to variable speed, the compressor adjusts speed depending on the load at any particular time & thus saves lot of electricity when compared to above fixed speed Star rated split AC's.

A comparison can be seen from the following typical example of a 1.5T AC.

  1.5T 5 Star Split AC 1.5T Inverter AC
Purchase Price (Typical) 40000 45000
Electricity cost for 240 hours (8 hrs/day for 30 days) 3240 1728
Price for an year (8 months) 65920 58824
Savings   7096

From above analysis, it is very clear that an inverter AC pays back it's higher initial cost within an year & then saves electricity for its whole life span.

Also, as can be seen in below picture, Inverter AC's maintain room temperature precisely so that you don't feel discomfort at any time.

Inverter Based Split AC Consumption
Inverter Based Residential Split AC
Inverter Based Split AC
Inverter Techonology AC

Mini VRV/Mini VRF System

Mini VRV/VRF are single phase systems based on the same Inverter technology described above. However, they offer following advantages in addition to the advantages of Inverter based AC's.

  • A no. of Indoor units can be connected to a single Outdoor unit & hence this system conserves a lot of space. So, typically you can have a single Outdoor unit for five split AC's in your apartment!
  • This system can provide cooling as well as heating and hence the single system can be used for all seasons.
  • Based on R 410A refrigerants, they are environment friendly system that will not be abandoned after a few years.(R22 based AC will become obsolete).
Mini VRV/Mini VRF Residential AC System